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What’s the issue?

Ending homelessness starts with a home. We simply can’t solve the homelessness crisis in San Diego until we have enough safe, affordable housing for everyone.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, San Diego has seen a significant increase in homelessness. Despite the economy beginning to recover, the homelessness population continues rising. The San Diego Regional Task Force on Homelessness (RTFH) and Downtown San Diego San Diego Partnership (DSDP) both saw significant increases in homelessness, with DSDP reporting a record high in August.

Stable housing gives every San Diegan the opportunity to thrive. It creates safe environments to help people manage serious, chronic health issues. It builds a foundation for those who have been out of the workforce to re-enter it.

Affordable housing creates equity by tackling the large discrepancies in homelessness based on race, class and age.

Housing is a right and a need for everyone the UN classifies it as a basic human right.

What can we do to help?



  • Volunteer at the organizations above or any others that are working to build more housing.

Speak up:

  • Support more affordable housing. Call your City Councilmember to voice your support when a new affordable housing development is happening in your neighborhood.
  • Speak out against racist systems and actions. 

Centuries of government-sponsored segregation have led to the economic disparity between Black and white households.

Preach compassion and kindness, not judgment and misinformation. Remember: homelessness isn’t a choice or a personal responsibility.


If you’re experiencing homelessness or know someone who is, call these numbers.

  • Call 211 to reach homelessness services
  • Call (619) 578-7768 for the SD Housing Commission

If you’d like to learn more about homelessness advocacy, visit the links below.

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