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The Social Equity Collaborative Fund:

  • Supports grassroots organizations led by Black, Indigenous and people of color who are engaged in “bottom-up strategies” developed and implemented by the people directly affected by climate and racial injustice
  • Encourages authentic collaboration and builds the community’s overall capacity for collaboration, understanding that “collaboration” may appear differently in various settings
  • Provides adequate resources for effective collaboration, recognizing both the amount of time needed to engage in authentic collaboration and the resources needed to do so
  • Creates the conditions that nurture collaboration and reflect an awareness of interconnectedness to a broader, local racial and climate justice movement in San Diego County
  • Commits to a funding and grant process that respects individuals’ and organizations’ time and resources and eases rather than increases the burden they bear to serve the community
  • Dismantles structural racism in the region


  • Racial justice and economic justice
  • Resident leadership through community power-building
  • Collaboration, trust-building, shared learning, and cross-cultural healing and understanding by all stakeholders
    Innovation in methods and strategies
  • A productive learning process may include failure and risk-taking
  • Honesty, openness, and trust among partners
  • Accountability not just to a grant report, but to partners and the community served
  • Collaboration that reflects an awareness of interconnectedness in a broader movement
  • A commitment to structural and systemic change

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