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Imagine your spouse deployed for months at a time, yet you struggle to find a job, enroll your children in childcare, and find yourself accessing food assistance that you desperately need to make it to the end of the month.

Although our region counts the military as its most significant economic contributor, military and veteran families in San Diego and Imperial Counties face seemingly unsurmountable challenges alongside the rest of our residents. The housing and affordability crisis, employment and educational barriers, food insecurity, and more plague our active duty and retired military families who are often underpaid and misunderstood.

The Military Funders are committed to supporting the numerous nonprofit organizations that provide aide to military and veteran families and work towards long-term solutions so that service members committed to protecting our country can ensure support and security for their own family.

Proven Impact

In 2013, Military Funders members launched the Military Transition Support Project (MTSP), an unprecedented year-long collaboration among San Diego’s military, government agencies, elected officials, nonprofits, businesses, and philanthropic institutions. The goal of MTSP was to develop a comprehensive plan to better coordinate community resources for veterans, and to connect those resources to service members as early as possible in the transition from active duty to civilian status.

In January 2015, a new nonprofit organization called zero8hundred opened its doors and began making the MTSP Community Plan a reality. In 2019, zero8hundred earned its official 501(c)3 status and secured a first-of-its-kind nine-year MOU with the U.S. Military Navy Region Southwest. Catalyst’s Military Funders collaborative remains closely connected to the work of zero8hundred.

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