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The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness belongs to all those who reside in our borders. Yet those who arrive as immigrants and refugees must constantly demonstrate their worth and may struggle to access services that provide legal protection and wellness that allows them to them to settle and contribute.

Furthermore, our economy and culture embraces people, commerce, and a natural environment that permeates the political border between the United States and Mexico. Many thousand people cross the border daily to reach their homes, schools and jobs. Millions of dollars in commerce depends on this movement and an open transportation corridor. In a region that hosts one of four national resettlement populations and boasts a population whose fastest growing members are young and non-white, we have miles to go to create a truly welcoming community that values our diversity.

Data demonstrates that immigrants, regardless of immigration status:

  • contribute financially to our collective taxes and social safety net programs,
  • are less likely than others to commit crimes, and
  • overwhelmingly own businesses and support public safety, all while their own safety and economic advancement are not prioritized.

The Binational Migrations Funders advocate for responsive supports and long-term policy change to build sustainable permanent immigration infrastructure to meet those needs today and in the future.

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