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The Binational Migration Funders Collaborative seeks to ensure the legal and wellness needs of all immigrants and refugees who pass from Mexico through San Diego and Imperial Counties are met, and advocates for sustainable permanent immigration infrastructure to meet those needs in the future.


The vision of the Binational Migration Funders Collaborative acknowledges the need for a rapid-response as well as a longer-term, movement building strategy. The Binational Migration Funders Collaborative is a member of Delivering on the Dream (DOTD), a national network convened by Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) of state and local funding collaboratives investing needed resources to protect and defend the rights of immigrants and refugees. DOTD is composed of 27 collaborative groups throughout the nation and serves as a broader learning community for Catalyst Migration Funders to learn with.

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Migration and immigrant rights issues are intersectional. Learn more about the challenges this group seeks to affect.


Learn about the four pillars of the Binational Migration Funders efforts.


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