Reflections on a week in October

Sadly, this is not the first time there have been dark days dominated by violence and intolerance in this country. Last week darkness blanketed many corners of the United States  – the massacre of 11 Jewish people in Pittsburgh in a house of worship; the slaying of two black customers at a grocery store in Kentucky when the assailant was unable to force his way into a church with a predominantly black congregation, the delivery of explosives to perceived critics of the President, and the constant demonization of a “caravan” of refugee families from Central America on their way to legally seek asylum at our border.

San Diego Grantmakers is appalled by and condemns prejudice, hate and violence. We will do whatever we can to contribute to a more just and equitable community. We stand side by side with all those working towards a better future where this poisonous intolerance is a remnant of the past.

We are guided by this statement from Jim Canales, President of the Barr Foundation:

“More than ever, we have an obligation to be present, to stand up and be counted, and to meet the challenge of this moment head on. For those of us in philanthropy, we must determine what of our resources, power, and voice we will deploy. We may feel our greatest contribution is to speak out in defense of the ideals and values our country stands upon. We may be focused on ensuring our partners on the front lines have the support they need to face these crises. Or both. And more.”


  • SDG member the Jewish Community Foundation has established the Pittsburgh Chesed Fund to support ongoing needs in Pittsburgh as well as emerging needs in San Diego to provide security and combat anti-Semitism.
  • statement released by SDG member, Judy Belk the CEO of California Wellness Foundation who urges fellow funders to make investments that support organizations preventing violence in American communities
  • Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
  • Blog by Grant Oliphant CEO of Heinz Endowments in Pittsburgh / past SDG annual conference keynote speaker
  • Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees.