July 4 Earthquake Sequence Near Ridgecrest, California: How to Help

Update: Governor Newsom has secured White House approval for his request for a Presidential Emergency Declaration for Direct Federal Assistance for Earthquakes near Ridgecreast. Learn more here.

On July 4th and July 5th, two major earthquakes struck in Kern County near Ridgecrest, California, approximately 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck on the morning of the July 4th holiday, followed by a much stronger magnitude 7.1 earthquake during the night on July 5th.  As a result of the July 5th earthquake, Governor Gavin Newsom has requested a presidential emergency declaration for federal assistance to provide aid to local governments and residents for Kern County. Additionally, the Governor has also declared a state of emergency for San Bernardino County due to damages to critical infrastructures, homes, and other buildings.

Minor injuries and medical emergencies have been reported, but, fortunately, no fatalities have been reported.

Ridgecrest, California is a small town with approximately 28,000 resident in the rural Kern County, comprising of families and older adults. The largest employers in town include the  United States Navy and a local hospital. The three nearest major urban centers include Lancaster/Palmdale (82 miles), Bakersfield (110 miles), and San Bernardino (120 miles).

State and local officials are currently conducting impact assessments to determine the extent of damages caused by these powerful earthquakes.

Philanthropy California – an alliance of Northern California, Southern California, and San Diego Grantmakers – has been in touch with state and local officials since July 4th to determine the extent of the earthquake impacts on local communities. Philanthropy California is also identifying partners to reliably support response and recovery from this earthquake sequence.

Status of the Earthquake Sequence:

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