Ever thought about working on social change from a church basement?

I was recently invited to spend part of my day in the co-working space at the Collective Impact Center (CIC) in Normal Heights which is housed in the basement of Christ Ministry Center. Co-founders BH Kim and Lee Barken, who is a member of our San Diego Impact Investors Network, reached out to me with this opportunity.

According to Collective Impact Center, “We believe that a physical space combined with a curated community of like-minded changemakers from diverse backgrounds can be a powerful driver to advance the social good here in San Diego.”

This space had the perfect vibe for a person like me including lounge music and couches for meetings providing a more relaxed feel to your work day. I am new to the non-profit and philanthropic sector so, this hub gave me the opportunity to interact with others in my field and connect with new faces. There are desks available with plug-ins for devices and accessibility to WIFI, everyone’s favorite!

The coolest thing about this hub is that the church is a host (on the top floor apart from CIC) to a variety of community based social programs open to community members. The programs include a food pantry, free clinic & dental lab, an onsite school for teen moms. As a former teen mom myself, this resource would have been so amazing and vital for access to education with peers that I could relate to. These are just some of the amazing services and partnerships that also exist which complement the work being done in CIC because that’s what we’re doing, right? We’re in the business of helping people!

Collective Impact Center offers many amenities and the center has office space(s) available to lease, as well. For more information, please visit the Collective Impact Center website: www.impactcollectivesd.com.