Catalyst Members Invited to Build Something Better With The Burnham Center for Community Advancement

We are excited to share with you details about a new community initiative seeded by Malin Burnham and other community leaders and led by Tad Parzen. The newly launched Burnham Center for Community Advancement (BCCA) brings together community and multi-sector partners to share and learn from one another to collectively create opportunities and design solutions that move the greater San Diego region forward. As they paint a picture for what’s possible with this new initiative BCCA is seeking community ambassadors and have opened the invitation to serve on this important committee of stakeholders to all Catalyst members. Read more to learn about this emerging leadership opportunity for our region. 

What is a BCCA Community Ambassador?

BCCA’s Community Ambassadors will be a diverse group of community stakeholders who will come together to create and deepen relationships, inform a set of community-wide quality of life metrics, and explore priorities for our region. Throughout the year, ambassadors will be invited to create meaningful community engagement by hosting listening sessions on community issues, and to participate in interactive town hall meetings and specialized task forces that act on agreed priorities. 

The first activity of the BCCA Community Ambassadors is to participate in the 2021 Civic Engagement Initiative being held in partnership with the National Conflict Resolution Center and UC San Diego. 

From June through December 2021, the Civic Engagement Initiative seeks to bring together 200 San Diego County residents representing the incredible economic, cultural, and political diversity our region offers. This project includes attending six events, scaffolded to take this large and disconnected group through the steps that will bring them together into a collaborative, solution-oriented, and connected dialogue. 

The Civic Engagement Initiative kicks off June 3, 2021. To learn more and register, visit here. To express interest in the BCCA Community Ambassador Program, please contact Malia Pfister at [email protected].