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The Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice

Launching October 2023, The Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice will award $50,000 in unrestricted funding to leaders advancing racial equity and social justice in San Diego County.



A photo of Nancy Jamison from the shoulders up. She is wearing a bright blue top and has a green plant behind her.Nancy Jamison served as President and CEO of San Diego Grantmakers (SDG, now Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties) from 2005 to 2019. Under her leadership, SDG grew as a network of foundations, corporate giving programs, grantmaking public charities, government funders, giving circles, and impact investors. In her role, Nancy gained unique insights into philanthropic and nonprofit practices while becoming increasingly aware of and committed to the need for philanthropy to reckon with inequality and racism.

Nancy led SDG to develop an equity-centered strategic framework with an initial focus on racial and gender justice; shifted internal culture and practices; and evolved member educational offerings and collaborations. In 2020, in recognition of the action-oriented network that had blossomed under her leadership, SDG became Catalyst of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

While Nancy’s accomplishments are easily codified, equally important is the manner by which she traversed this challenging landscape. Authenticity, grace, and steadfastness are hallmarks of Nancy’s leadership. She was open as she learned how long-standing philanthropic decision-making processes unintentionally supported inequality. With vulnerability she shared her own struggle and emotion in committing to this work, and by doing so encouraged others to join her. As a result, she made great strides in moving our sector towards a commitment to equity, justice, and inclusion.

In 2019, Nancy had recently launched a consulting practice to continue to move the sector on a national scale when she was diagnosed with cancer. The Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice (NJFSJ) was established in her honor by local community leaders who wanted to find a way to keep Nancy’s indelible spirit alive with those working towards social change in our region, and to continue the work that was so important to her. 


The Fund supports under-celebrated individuals working towards racial equity and social justice – in any capacity – throughout San Diego county. Honorees receive $50,000 in unrestricted funding to advance their work.

If you are contributing over $500 and unable to use the gift-assist feature, please consider contributing by check. It really helps with the fees! Donate above or mail donations to:

Catalyst of San Diego & Imperial Counties
Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice
5060 Shoreham Place
Ste 350
San Diego, CA 92122
Tax ID: 33-0868261


To support transformational learning opportunities for philanthropic, nonprofit, and social sector leaders working to advance social justice and equity in San Diego County.


  • Focus on equity and social justice in all we do
  • Build trusting relationships with a diverse population of individuals and organizations
  • Create enduring partnerships to sustain the work of racial equality and justice
  • Engage with curiosity with an eye towards understanding and honoring differences
  • Champion creativity and courage of individuals and organizations
  • Foster continuous learning to fuel our individual and collective progress


Work to address structural racism requires attention to doing business in new ways and with new people, while honoring past work. This includes investing funds with Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) led/owned organizations, involving people who might not normally serve in the role of grantmakers, and focusing on the involvement and support of diverse populations.



To gain and honor diverse perspectives, The Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice recruited local community members and original grantees of the Fund to serve on its grant committee. The committee works with Nancy’s family in making funding decisions aligned with the Fund’s values of equity and inclusion.



The Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice launched at Catalyst, where Nancy’s social justice journey began.

The first grants in 2022 included funding to organizations identified by Nancy and her family.

The original grant recipients formed the Grants Committee and developed the Nancy Jamison Fund for Social Justice program as we know it today.


For questions related to qualifications and applying to the NJFSJ, please email:


To learn more about contributing to the fund, please email:


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