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Catalyst serves as our region’s hub for the ImPower Initiative, ensuring our community has the visibility, capacity and channels to receive and leverage diverse funding sources.

The federal government makes roughly $700 billion in grants each year. As one of two Innovation Labs for the national ImPower Initiative, Catalyst is identifying new methods to leverage federal funding to build our region’s impact investing ecosystem.

The Goal

SDG facilitates system level change by serving as a mobilizer of community-led economic justice in San Diego and Imperial Counties

The Problem

Resources generally flow to privileged and already thriving areas because those who are aware of resources (especially federal grants and programs, such as those administered through the CARES Act) also have the capacity and connections to pursue them and infrastructure to deploy them. We are working with partners at local, state, and federal government and across private funders to disrupt this exclusionary cycle and better attract and align resources towards economic justice of communities typically excluded from these funding sources.

One Solution

Catalyst opens new channels of funding for communities that have been historically excluded as the ImPower Initiative’s Innovation Lab lead for San Diego and, through Philanthropy California, for the state of California. ImPower is a public-private partnership between the Economic Development Agency (EDA), Council on Foundations (COF) and Mission Investors Exchange (MIE) to design and test new types of engagement between federal agencies and communities.

As Innovation Lab lead, we build relationships between community leaders and federal agencies, encourage project expansions that include historically neglected communities, and serve as a bridge that can provide visibility and access to diverse capital stacks and funding sources.

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